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Manhunt of Mystery Island Movie Serial Chapter 1 (of 15)

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Manhunt of Mystery Island Movie Serial Chapter  1 (of 15) A young couple journeys to Mystery Island to rescue the girl's father, who is being held prisoner by the evil Captain Mephisto, a pirate from 200 years ago who uses his Transformation Machine to travel forward in time and disguise himself as one of the four owners of Mystery Island. Sinister Secrets LURKING IN THE SHADOWS OF THE JUNGLE...THREATENING THE LIVES OF FEARLESS MEN WHO DARE CHALLENGE THE UNKNOWN!  First released in 1945. 

Run time 00:24:39


Reviewer: RipJarvis - - March 10, 2011
Subject: The missing episodes.
These are available at megauploads here:,g/Manhunt-of-Mystery-Island-Movie-Serial-Chapter-4.html
For anyone who can post such.
Reviewer: billbarstad - - February 4, 2010
Subject: It's Complete!
Missing chapters uploaded Feb. 3, 2010. Enjoy!

Just the way I like 'em, high energy action, insane situations, drawn guns a cue for the start of a brawl, and a consistent storyline. It was nice that the female lead was right in the mix of the action, not just a love interest, confidant or secretary. The end for Mephisto was a bit of a letdown. Ever notice that the characters wear the same clothes throughout, and that men's hats never come off in a fight, fall or high wind?

I downloaded the MOV files. The video and audio were fine.
Reviewer: ivan marks - - December 30, 2009
Subject: Chapters 2, 4 and 8.
Thanks for this entry. A wonderful find. Any chance of the missing chapters 2, 4 and 8 being uploaded.

It should be noted that the legendary Stunt Man / Stunt Co-ordinator and Action Director Yakima Canutt is credited as one of the three Directors of this matinee serial. It shows in the action fight sequences. They just looked a bit better to me than average for a serial of the time. Canutt was very active in many of the Republic Serials of the era, and devised some marvelous action stunts in many of them, as well as doubling for the star leads in many sequences. However, I do not think it would be a stretch of the imagination to say that as co-director, he took centre stage and was more involved in co-ordinating and directing all the action in this one, making it stand out amongst the best. Another of his great work was his doubling for John Carrol as Zorro in Republic's 1937 production of Zorro Rides Again. Although the serial is very dated, the action sequences are wonderful and still inspire film makers today. Raiders of the Lost Ark is a prime example of this.

For anyone who is not familiar with Yakima Canutt, I would recommend you research his work on the internet. His career spanned from the silent era and lasted many decades. He passed away at age 89 and amongst his mass of achievements which are legendary, he was the 2nd Unit Director on the 1959 production of Ben Hur and was responsible for the stunt work and direction of the famed Chariot Race. He also worked closely with many, including John Wayne, perfecting fight sequences with him that became standard format for years to come. His stunt work doubling for both John Wayne and the Indian Brave in the 1939 production of Stagecoach showcases his abilities. It is he who you see falling from the galloping horses and falling under and being dragged by the moving stagecoach, while at the same time doubling for John Wayne in this action sequence.

His other work is too vast to mention here, however just add Gone With The Wind, El Cid and Khartoum to the above for starters. He was also renowned for his attention to safety in Stunt Work and making certain that his actors and Stuntmen remained safe while performing the most hair-raising of Stunts.

This and other serials were great fun in their own right, but if for no other reason other than Canutt's work alone, these works should be preserved
Reviewer: SirOtter - - August 12, 2009
Subject: The rest, please
Is there any chance of the other ten chapters being uploaded soon? This is one I've been looking for for years.
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